Description of the technique of acupuncture


While the doctor applies acupuncture, he uses sterilized thin needles of different length made of stainless steel in disposable packings.

The entry of the needle in the tissues which surround the point of acupuncture stimulates specific sensory receptors of the region and mostly, the free nerve endings which are responsible for pain. 

In this way, we have the mobilization of centripetal nerve impulses, which are advanced along the nerves so as to reach first the spinal cord and then to head for the brain.

This results in a generalized reaction of the organism, which is evident due to significant changes in the biochemistry of blood.  

The secretion of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) of the hypophysis is increased, causing in this way the secretion of steroids (cortisone) from the suprarenal glands.

This is then why acupuncture has a significant anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action, being strong and capable enough of contributing the most to the pharmaceutical treatment avoiding the side-effects of a conservative therapy.



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