Amalia Parousi

Specialized General Doctor

Titles - further training:
> Specialty of General Practice, Medical School of Athens.
> Member of Medical association in Athens (A.M 28.447)
> Member of the Greek Association οf General Practitioners (ELEGEIA)
> Member of administrative Council of Panhellenic Medical Company of Acupuncture, its headquarters being in Athens since 1982.
> Active Member of the International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) that has its central offices in Brussels, organizing and participating as well in educational seminars and conferences both in Greece and abroad.

At the same time, she works as a General Practitioner in her office medical practice being compatible with various funds such as the Craftsmen and small Trader's Fund (ΤΕΒΕ), the Organization of Agricultural Insurance (ΟΓΑ) and others.

She is appointed to the Social Security Institute of Acharnes in Athens. She is also engaged in the Primary Medical Care as a General Practitioner using as a treatment weapon apart from the classical pharmaceutical Medicine, acupuncture as well, always according to the case aiming at the best possible treatment of the patient.

In the context of scientific progress, the doctor attended the Postgraduate Programme in August 2010, concerning medical acupuncture in China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing and obtained Certificate of Advanced Acupancture and Moxibution.

The accreditation of acupuncture by the Worldwide Health Organisation (WHO) and Greece

In 1979 the Worldwide Health Organisation (WHO) having conducted a series of studies, published and ratified the usefulness of acupuncture in classical Medicine accompanied by a list of diseases treated with acupuncture with very satisfactory results.

Acupuncture: an effective method against smoking.

Smoking is a kind of social behavior with detrimental repercussions in one's health as well as in economy. The decrease in levels of nicotine in the organism during the first hours of abstinence from smoking is accompanied by symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety, terror, feeling of heartbeat, perspiration, migraine, lack of concentration, stress, insomnia and a bigger appetite.
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